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Why choose Digital Mark?

There are some great marketing companies out there, so why pick Digital Mark?

We think our strength comes from the skills, values and personalities of the people who make up Digital Mark. After all, we're just a collection of people with computers and a place to put them. 

But no matter what, you'll always have the benefit of our 6 core values. So if you want to work with a company that bases everything they do on what you see below, we might just be for you.

Our six core values


No matter what we say it how it is. Good, bad or indifferant. 

Hard work

Hard graft is good for the soul. Not only that, we have yet to encounter a problem that can't be solved through determined hard work.

Ethical practises

There's two ways to do almost everything we do. The proper way and the short cut. We never take short cuts.


You won't find anyone too big for their boots here.


Our customers pay us. We respect that by being great value for money. And always 100% transparent. 


Be the best. We always look for new ways to sharpen our skills. 

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If your business is Yorkshire or Greater Manchester based there's a good chance we cover your area. 
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