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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essential for your business if you are looking to attract a much larger online audience.

If you want to find out more about what SEO is and how it works, check out our What is SEO? page.

How often do you and your family use Google to find services and products? Loads, I’m sure. Like the rest of us. Google reports that it processes 3.5 BILLION searches every single day. This is where your customers will try and find you!

Having a phenomenal website is great for your business but not if nobody can find it when they do an online search.

An effective SEO strategy needs to be your number one priority if you are serious about growing your business, building your customer base and bringing in more revenue.

Expert SEO will ensure that you rank high in search engines. Ranking on Google is one thing but you don’t want to come up on the second, third or twenty-fifth page because nobody is looking there! Again, think about your own habits online. 

Digital Mark SEO agency will get your business ranking high and put you in front of potential customers when they search for your service or product. This will bring many more visitors to your site and you can then convert them into paying customers.

Whatever the goals for your business are, our approach to SEO will help you reach them.

SEO explained

How well your website ranks on Google is determined by its algorithms. Google updates its algorithm 600 times per year – that’s twice per day! Clearly this is a complicated process to keep up with. The only thing that ever stays the same with SEO strategy is that its always changing.

Therefore, it is important to stay ahead of the game. This is too big a job for you if you are also running your business. Hiring an SEO Agency like Digital Mark will take this out of your hands.

When we take charge of SEO for your business, we will optimise your website and target key areas such as page load speed, user experience and whether the content represents your keywords.

Doing these things will not only increase your credibility with potential customers but also with Google, who will recognise your site as reliable and will therefore want to send searchers there.

Of course, we couldn’t get the best results for you without also checking out the competition too! We will look at other providers in your industry and set you apart from them. We want their customers for you. We will never take on clients with the same business in the same locality – we feel this would compromise the quality of our work and we don’t want this.

Whether you are already working with an SEO Agency or you’re a business looking to expand and start your SEO journey, we have a full complement of services you can access.

SEO Services by Digital Mark

SEO is about one thing. Getting high volumes of highly relevant visitors so your website can convert them in to clients.

All of our clients get all of the below SEO services. This not only improves your results, but saves you money, as you would have to buy these services separately with other SEO agencies.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical considerations and page load speed lie at the heart of SEO. Getting this right is the key to improved rankings.

SEO Content optimisation

SEO Content Optimisation

Content optimisation increases your ability to attract the right audience and increases organic visibility.

Google penalty recovery

Google Penalty Recovery

Suspect your website is subject to a Google penalty? We can find out why and help you restore your rankings.

Link building

SEO Link Building

High-quality links can give you the edge in search rankings. We can help you build relevant links done the right way.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

For businesses that want to target a mobile audience or if mobile is already an important part of your digital strategy.

Local SEO Leeds

Local SEO

 Local SEO is for businesses with a physical location or who want to target customers in a specific area.

Choose Digital Mark for your SEO

Our SEO strategists have over a decade of experience in marketing behind them so you can be sure you are getting expertise when you work with us.

We work with industry-leading tools such as Semrush, Moz, ahrefs, Majestic, Screaming Frog, Deepcrawl and Raventools to ensure that we have a thorough overview of your website’s performance and everything is being analysed to find areas for improvement.

We are completely transparent with everything we do – if you want to see your reports, then we will show you and we will explain what everything means too. SEO can be a complex business but it doesn’t need to be when you choose Digital Mark SEO Agency.

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