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Why use a leading Bradford SEO agency to drive sales growth?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of improving your website’s visibility on search engines like Google. So if you want more traffic and in turn, more sales, an experienced SEO agency can help. Since Google search has the monopoly when it comes to people looking for the things they want and need, being visible on Google is essential to any business looking to increase revenue. Done right, it can transform your bottom line by providing a huge increase in incoming leads, which means better sales results and more money into your business.

Below is a summary of the SEO Bradford services we offer to help your business grow or click learn more about SEO for our top tips.

How we drive traffic & get results

A successful search engine optimisation strategy gets results. But to do that it needs to align perfectly with where you are as a business and the goals you want to see achieved. The following services explain how our approach to SEO can help you make your digital mark.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical considerations and page load speed lie at the heart of SEO. Getting this right is the key to improved rankings.

Content optimisation

Content Optimisation

Content optimisation increases your ability to attract the right audience and increases organic visibility.

Google penalty recovery

Google Penalty Recovery

Suspect your website is subject to a Google penalty or manual action? We can find out why and help you restore your rankings.

Link building

Link Building

High quality links can give you the edge in search rankings. We can help you build relevant links done the right way.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

For businesses that want to target a mobile audience or if mobile is already an important part of your digital strategy.

Local SEO

Local SEO

 Local SEO is for businesses with a physical location or who want to target customers in a specific area.

Even if you’re just in need of some friendly (and free) SEO advice. Get in touch we’d love to hear from you.

We are digital marketing: Upgraded

We Have Technical Excellence

We know websites – we even build them! Google wants to display the best results for its users so if your website doesn’t perform well from a technical standpoint, Google won’t put it to the top. Makes sense! But don’t worry: our initial audit will highlight areas for improvement, and we will make sure everything works as it should.

We Know Content Optimisation

We use our technical and creative expertise to make sure that the content of your site is highly relevant and, equally importantly, that it is structured in the right way. Google loves it and so do we!

We Do Targeted Digital Strategy

We concentrate only on high-converting keywords: the search terms that will bring money into your business. What more can we say?!

We Make The Right Connections

When it comes to links, it’s quality over quantity. If you’re a law firm in Bradford, Google won’t reward you for linking to a toy shop in Belfast. We can help you get your content syndicated across the web in a sustainable way so Google does reward you, with better rankings!

We Are 100% Customer Focused

You, the customer, is at the heart of everything we do. You’ll probably want custom reporting and a bespoke communication plan. No problem. Do you need monthly face to face updates? Or perhaps you’re too busy for all that and just want a simple monthly report with the headlines? Whatever works for you, works for us.

We are experienced SEO experts so we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Your initial consultation starts with a full audit of your website and this forms the basis of your new digital strategy.

After we have audited your website we will be able to tell you exactly where you rank and for what keywords. We’ll  assess your website health from a technical standpoint and we’ll also look at your content and backlink profile. We’ll even do all this for FREE, but we hope you’ll be so impressed you’ll want to work with us. 

SEO analysis

To perform your website audit we use industry leading software and our own experience. The combination gives us the insight we need to formulate your new digital strategy, together with your business objectives. It’s a really rewarding process and we hope we can pass these rewards on to you when you partner with us. 

We have achieved for our clients….

58 number 1 positions

312 1st page results

over 3500 improved rankings

 We are very proud of our success, but we don’t claim to be the best SEO Agency in Bradford. We’re just totally committed to running the best strategy and getting the best possible results for your business. Work with us and make your Digital Mark.

SEO Digital Mark

What our clients say

High-End Beauty Salon

Skin Secrets have been involved with Digital Mark for over a year now and I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure. They have delivered on all that was promised and more. They don’t just set things up and leave you, you are important to them, a rare thing now in business. They work hard to achieve results and stay in touch.
I can’t recommend these guys enough.

David Rhodes
Owner, Skin Secrets

Education: Private Tutor

Digital Mark have been exactly what I needed. I have gone from not ranking at all to being second on Google. Really great, professional service and nothing is ever too much. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Bullough
Owner, Lindley Tuition

Ready to take the first step towards getting expert help with better rankings?

Book a FREE SEO Strategy Session

Choose a time that works for you and take the first step to imoroved rankings.

Digital Strategy Session

During your strategy session we’ll talk about your business and what you want to achieve from SEO and online in general. We’ll then give you practical tips and strategies you can use straight away to achieve your goals. Some of the things we typically cover in these sessions are:

Digital Mark How much do I need to spend to increase my rankings?

Digital Mark Do I really need think about Bing and other search engines?

Digital Mark What keywords should I choose?

Digital Mark How many people search for what I do, local to me?

Digital Mark Shouldn’t I just pay for traffic through PPC?

Digital Mark Why does Google making ranking so hard?

We will answer any questions you have during this session so please ask away.

Within the first five minutes of the meeting, I knew that Mark knew exactly what he was talking about in regards to SEO. I’ve spoken to several agencies and was unsure, with not being an expert myself, but it’s just obvious when you speak to him that he’s going to do a good job for you and he’s not just trying to sell you something.

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Make your Digital Mark

Digital Mark

But we don’t just do SEO…

Web Design

Web Design

Your website is the beating heart of your online success. If it’s not built right, search engines won’t display it highly in search results. If it doesn’t look and feel right, your customers won’t transact or enquire. Striking this balance is both an art form and a science and this is where we can help.



PPC (Pay-per-click)

PPC works really well to support SEO campaigns by providing an immediate source of traffic, which is ideal during the early phases of any SEO campaign. It also provides the perfect testing platform for new keyword ideas to test on the open market.