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What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of moving higher up Google search rankings. It's also about maintaining those rankings once you have them. 

SEO can be broken down into various branches including:
On page SEO
Content optimisation
Local SEO
Mobile SEO
Technical SEO
Google penalty recovery or removal
Depending on where your website currently appears on Google, and where you'd like it to appear in the future, we'll use a combination of the above types of SEO.

Is SEO important for my website?

There are over 1 billion websites on the internet and roughly 91% of those get no traffic from Google. Since 93% of global web traffic starts it's journey on Google, if you want people to see your website, SEO is going to play a key role.

The role of SEO becomes even more important if you want to turn Google searches into paying customers. Because you usually need a high flow of visitors to a website to achieve this. 

Additional benefits of SEO include:

- Higher trust levels between you and your future customers
- Show your business as a leader in its field
- Create stronger awareness of your brand

How does SEO compare to other forms of Digital Marketing?

57% of marketing professionals agree that SEO generates more incoming leads than any other source.
source: junto
The top three search results on Google get 54% of all click throughs.
source: backlinko
Leads from SEO close at an average rate of 14.6%. Higher than any other form of marketing.
source: search engine journal
53% of all web traffic across the entire internet starts with organic search.
source: ahrefs

Client success from SEO 

Rocket Science Supplements

Rocket Science Supplements are a bespoke and white lable supplement manufacturer based in Bradford. They're a recent start up and had almost no online presence when they approached us. We were able to completely turn this on it's head and get them ranking for the search terms that turn into orders. 
SEO performance results
- 530% increase in web traffic in 6 months
- 1.2 leads per day from organic traffic driven by a successful SEO campaign
"To be honest I'm shocked how well it's worked. We literally got nothing before we started this campagin. Now we get quality leads pretty much every day."
Dominic Bartle
Director - Rocket Science Supplements Ltd

Skin Secrets

Skin Secrets are a high end and well established beauty clinic based in Pudsey. They noticed they were losing rankings to several of their competitors and contacted us to reverse this trend. The campaign was a success and online bookings have doubled. 
SEO performance
- 199% increase in web traffic in 3 months
- Online bookings doubled to 2.9 per week
"We're very happy with the results. More of the same please Digital Mark. I'd happily recomend you to anyone."
David Rhodes
Owner - Skin Secrets
Digital Mark
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Ikhlas AhmedIkhlas Ahmed
14:05 26 Jun 23
We used Digital Mark to make a new website for our business. Really friendly team, fantastic at what they do, exceptions service and we are really pleased with the end product. These guys really do know what they are doing and we have already recommended to fellow legal and professional contacts. Thanks a lot guys!
Ella DavisonElla Davison
13:22 25 Jun 23
Love my new website. Getting a lot more enquiries. Thanks Mark.
I approached DigitalMark as an MA for a £20m SME spending £500k pa on digital marketing. They helped reduce that spend and maintain our sales turnover, increasing our net profit margin which is exactly what we wanted. Definitely recommend.
Jonathan WoodhouseJonathan Woodhouse
13:21 27 Aug 20
Digital Mark are an excellent agency that really know their stuff. They won’t give you false promises but listen to your business requirements and spend time working with you to get the results you need for the long term.Can’t recommend them highly enough.
Tony BulloughTony Bullough
20:58 24 Aug 20
Mark has been outstanding! Offering endless support and top tips to help me build and improve my business. The engineering world was missing the link that Mark has created, great work and great communication. One happy customer. Job well done!
Henry BradleyHenry Bradley
06:12 21 Aug 20
Mark has been a great help with supporting small and large businesses I work with. Not only has he built some really functional websites but has then helped them rank high within Google in a very timely manner. Always professional and realistic with what is achievable. Hasn't let me down yet (unlinke other agencies out there). Thanks again Mark and look forward to working together more on the future!
Ryan DavisonRyan Davison
19:52 11 Aug 20
What a breath of fresh air!I run a small web application business in the local area and have dealt with a few of the ‘too good to be true’ SEO organisations that promise the world for very little money. Unsurprisingly, I got very little if no results to my website ranking and incoming leads. Digital Mark provided an honest and pragmatic approach to optimising my website content and providing analysis (and more importantly proof) of everything SEO related. I’m now a happy customer with inbound enquires that make for a solid return on the investment. I would therefore highly recommend.

Digital Mark SEO Services

On page SEO

Our team will make sure that the pages on your website are a good fit for the search terms you want to appear for. This involves optimising the on page elements you can see and the ones you can't. We will only ever use white hat strategies that fall in line with Google webmaster guidelines.

What does on page SEO involve?

- Meta descriptions
- Natural keyword placement
- Keyword density
- Title and heading tags
- Page content
- Internal linking

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about the stuff you can't see. Things that are usually determined when your website was made in the first. It's the foundation that everything else will be built on and we've seen it make a big differance in website performance. 

What does technical SEO involve?

- Site naviagtion
- URL structure
- Server configuration/performance
- CDNs
- XML site maps
- Robots.txt
- Page load speed

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is like technical SEO, but specific to mobile devices. And since mobile search is more popular than desktop search it cannot be ignored. We've noticed in shift from Google in that it now appears to favor mobile performance to desktop performance when it comes to ranking factors. The makes mobile SEO a critical part of overall SEO in our optinion, even if most of your customers still primarily use desktop search.

What does mobile SEO involve?

- Mobile page load speed
- Responsive page design
- Easy of use on a mobile device
- AMP (accelerated mobile pages) where nessessary

Local SEO

Most businesses we work with want local visitors to their website. But they also want visitors from other areas outside their local area. So it's vital to show Google that your business also serves these areas too. This kind of SEO is a form of on page SEO that is specific to a certain geographical area.

What does local SEO involve?

- On page SEO based around a specific geographical area
- Geographical content creation
- Metadata optimised for location
- Local link building
- Google my business

Off page SEO

Off page SEO is everything that happens on other websites. It could be a link from a website to yours. It could be social signals, guest blogging or even video content on YouTube. We've found that in order to get value from off page SEO, whatever you do must be natural and add value or be genuninley useful for your future customers. This works best when your business, or a person within your business, is a genuine expert in their field.

What does off page SEO involve?

- Video content creation
- Social media engagement
- Guest blogs
- Genuine partnerships
- Expert advice and opinions

Great content

There is a lot of the same stuff out there on the internet. Having unique content, that is useful to your audience can be a deciding factor for Google. We think that putting your reader first scores you big points with Google. Genuinley help them, tell them things your competitors wouldn't. Make it so they never have to visit another website on the same topic again because you've answered every question they could possibly have.

What does creating great content involve?

- Reviewing competitor webpages
- Answer every concievable question your reader may have
- Well written, easy to read and understand text 
- Go the extra mile
- And the extra mile after that!

Conversion rate optimisation

Once you've got an interested future customer on your website, you want them to get in touch. Time and again we see that this is closly linked to having great content. And having the right CTAs (call-to-actions). It's not an exact science. Our process to to use our instincts and experince combined with analytical data.

What does conversion rate optimisation involve?

- Using analytics to track conversion rate
- Testing differant CTAs (A-B testing)
- Visitor exit page monitoring 

Our SEO Process

1. Campaign roadmap and setup

By the time you agree to a campagin with us we'll already know what you want to acheive. We will have already looked at your competitors and know how to get an edge on them. And we'll already know everything we need to know about your website and the changes we need to make so you can start climbing Google. This is the time for us to plan what steps are needed to achieve it. 

2. Technical SEO

We start all campaigns with technical SEO because we find websites often struggle to improve rankings if they don't have a solid technical foundation. This can be especially true if technical factors are impacting user experience, like slow page load times or other core web vitals. This can be an almost unending process as a perfect technical website isn't a realistic goal, but we've seen it pay to start this process early in a campaign.

3. On page SEO

We'd then say on page SEO is the next most important factor early on in an SEO campaign. We'll take care of the basics first like meta data. The important thing here is to make sure your pages are tighly focused on the keywords that you want to rank for. 

4. Mobile SEO

We see Google crawling websites with its mobile spider bot first more and more these days. So we get to work on improving mobile core web vitals not only to tick boxes for Google, but to give your mobile visitors a better experience. We all hate slow loading websites, especially on our phones. So if your website is like that, we'll get it running fast and looking slick. 

5. Local SEO

For the vast majority of our clients this is the good stuff. It's what's going to get you ranking for "SEO Leeds", if that's what your aiming at. Once all the on page and technical stuff is at a good level we'll start creating specific landing pages, optimised specifically for what you do and where you offer it. 

6. Content optimisation

You'll still need great content if you want to rank at the top of Google. We'll work with you to create content that leaves Google with no option but to rank you higher than your competitors.

Live SEO Reporting with Google Looker Studio

Want a progress report on how your SEO is performing? As a 100% transparent SEO agency, we've developed our own SEO dashboard using Google Looker Studio. All clients can access their SEO dashboard at anytime using their client login. It's a really indepth report but also a fantastic SEO tool. We use ourselves for planning and opportunity spotting. And since it's a live report, the data is always upto date.

Your SEO Dashboard will show you live SEO data and insights including:

    • Organic Traffic
    • Click through rates (CTR)
    • Individual keyword tracking
    • Performance comparisions by period
    • Opportunities for growth
    • Heatmap

Quickly spot opportunities for growth

Pages 2 Keywords and page 1 keywords with low CTR are often overlooked becuase they aren't tracked properly. But these are key areas for growth becuase they are often keywords with a high buying intention.

Track the Keywords that matter with the Digital Mark SEO Dashboard

Site wide SEO metrics like click through rate and Google position don't always provide an accurate picture of website performance, especially if your aim is to increase incoming leads or sales.

The ability to track the keywords that matter gives you a much clearer picture of how your SEO campaign is performing and where to put focus.
Drill down into individual keyword performance and track it over time
Once a month we'll talk you through all the data, explain progress and action plans, and of course answer any questions you have.

Meet Our SEO team

We're a small team that packs a big punch. These three have over 35 years experience under their collective belts!
Rebecca - SEO Team - Creative Lead
Rebecca - Creative Lead
Luke- SEO Team - Technical Lead
Luke- Technical Lead
Ryan- SEO Team - Director
Ryan- Director

What SEO tools do we use?

When executing our SEO strategy for clients we use what we consider to be the best SEO software and tools on the market. To us that's  SEMRush integrated with Google analytics (UA & GA4) and Google search console. We use this as our main day to day SEO platform as it provides everything a professional SEO team needs. Things like keyword research and tracking, competitor analysis tools, reporting and technical website analysis. 

If we need extra detail we'll use Screaming Frog for a deeper website structure analysis. This lets us crawl any website and get precise knowledge of every technical detail. Prefect for we're taking on an already established website as a new project or trying to outrank a stubborn competitor.

Is Digital Mark the right partner for my SEO?

This depends what you're looking for. We're a team of three SEO specalists. We think that has it's advatages compared to big agencies. For one you'll be able to speak directly to the person actually doing the SEO work for you. Nothing will be lost in translation and you can ask any question you want directly to the person who has the answer.
See our core values
We can't guarentee results but we can guarentee we are totally focused on what matters. Delivering a positive ROI. We've had lots of success and we make the process fun. 

Contact us and start your sucessful SEO campagin.
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Frequently asked SEO questions

This is differant for almost every website and also differant on what is actually meant by "work". Usually between 3 and 6 months is a good yardstick. 
It's possible to do some form of SEO as a one off project but it does work best as a long term commitment. Get in touch if you prefer a one off approach and we'll let you know if it's possible for you.
If by better you mean does it provide more leads at a cheaper cost, then in our experience, yes it's better. Not always, but more often than not, especially in the medium to long term.

Paid ads are brillient for quick results and can be used effectivly while an SEO campaign is in it's early stages. 
It seems to help if you have social signals and social media can generate website traffic. But there are over 200 ranking factors in total. So no we wouldn't say you need social media to get top Google rankings.
Your day to day contact will be the SEO specalist who is actually working on your account. We are a small team and don't have account managers. 
We can run SEO campaigns this way. But we prefer to see our clients face to face if this works for you.
Yes. 100%. We'll never take short cuts. Everything we do is white hate and sustainable. You don't have to worry about Google penalties with us.
That's a tough one. It can take a long time to get them removed. If you have, or think you may have a Google penalty get in touch with us ASAP
Industry wide in Yorkshire between £500 - £1000 per month seems to be the average according to our clients and other businesses we know. Our average SEO client spend is a little over £800 per month.
SEO isn't generally influenced by other forms of marketing. The exception is when people are searching for you by name. For example if they have heard you on the radio or seen a post on social media.
Over time you'll probably lose rankings. It can take 3 - 6 months for you to notice, especially if you've been running a successful SEO campaign for a long time. It can happen faster or slower depending on how competiative your industry is online and how much SEO your competitors are doing.

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