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Reach new customers wherever is local to you without having to compete directly with national brands.

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is all about communicating to Google the local relevance of your web pages and website in general. This means utilising the various tools and techniques at our disposal to develop your local presence and show Google that yours is the business to serve local people when they require your products/services.

Local SEO Agency

If your business operates locally, has multiple stores, or wants to attract a loyal customer base, it’s vital to foster your local presence online. We’re experts at promoting your business through the right channels to help local customers find you.

Local SEO has evolved a lot over the years. From simply targeting search terms with locations present, we now have to consider the effect of map packs, intelligent search functions from mobile devices powered by personalisation, and much more.

All of this rolls into a modern local SEO strategy, which aims to ensure your business is its most visible in key areas online. Searchers no longer have to type in their location in order to see results which are relevant to where they are, meaning businesses trying to reach a local audience can’t solely rely on high rankings for search queries which include locations.

For further reading have a look at this guide. 

Local SEO Services

Website Optimisation

Your website needs to represent your local profile and should include your address and references to local services and areas you serve.

Local Citations

The more times Google sees your business name and address written consistently across reputable publications online, the more it trusts your location and legitimacy in your target sector.

Google My Business

This free tool from Google is an essential part of building your local presence, enabling you to manage your Google Maps listing, Knowledge Panel and more. Optimising your GMB profile builds your credibility and visibility in a number of areas.

Local Link Building

Just as you want local people to be talking about your brand offline, it’s essential they talk about it online too. We’ll help you identify those opportunities to get local businesses and authorities talking about your company.

Book a FREE SEO Strategy Session

Simply choose a time that works for you and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

SEO Strategy Session

During your strategy session we’ll talk about your business and what you want to achieve from SEO and online in general. We’ll then give you practical tips and strategies you can use straight away to achieve your goals. Some of the things we typically cover in these sessions are:

Digital Mark How much do I need to spend to increase my rankings?

Digital Mark Do I really need think about Bing and other search engines?

Digital Mark What keywords should I choose?

Digital Mark How many people search for what I do, local to me?

Digital Mark Shouldn’t I just pay for traffic through PPC?

Digital Mark Why does Google making ranking so hard?

We will answer any questions you have during this session so please ask away.

Within the first five minutes of the meeting, I knew that Mark knew exactly what he was talking about in regards to SEO. I’ve spoken to several agencies and was unsure, with not being an expert myself, but it’s just obvious when you speak to him that he’s going to do a good job for you and he’s not just trying to sell you something.

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