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Local SEO

Be found when your future customers search locally for a product or service

What is local SEO?

Local SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of climbing the ranks of the Goolge search results page specificlly when the intent of the person who made the search was to find a local result. One example could be "restaurant near me". So if your business provides a service or sells things on a local basis, this type of SEO will help your next local customers find you.
More often than not when we are contacting by business owners who want help with ranking higher on Google, what they need is local SEO. It's similar to "regular" SEO in that the aim is still to target specific keywords, create great content and give the user a fantastic experience on your website. The only differance is the emphasis on the actual things you have to do to increase local search rankings is slightly differant when compared to regular search engine optimisation.
A well thought out local SEO campaign should focus on:
Google my business
Local citations/directories
Local landing pages
Correct use of local schema markup (JSON-LD)
Mobile optimisation & technical optimisation
Mobile page load speed
Internal linking structure
Local reviews and review schema
This is the best way to communicate to Google that your website will provide a great experience for local searchers. And if you can do that, Google will reward you with higher rankings in local search results. 

 Is local SEO important for my business?

If you want to generate local leads from people who are already searching for what you do, where you do it, then local SEO is way to achieve this. There are other ways, which we'll come on to later, and local SEO definatley has it's pros and cons, but done correctly, local SEO can be a powerful lead generation tool.

Additional benefits of local SEO

- Brand repuation boost
- Increased customer loyalty
- Be seen as a local leader in your field
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