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We know how important pricing is when choosing an agency to partner with. That’s why you’ll find our fees below.

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Answers to Your Questions

Do we have to enter into a contract?

For certain services, yes. We always try to be as flexible as possible but we never ask for a contract where one isn’t necessary. 

Do we have to pay for our website up front?

Our payment terms for websites are 50% before we start work and 50% before we go live. 

How much do you charge to maintain our current website?

We’d have to have a look at your website. They are all different and our fees will be related to the complexity of your site.

What level of reporting is included as standard?

This depends on what services we are providing. We provide detailed monthly reporting for all marketing campaigns. As part of your new client brief we will discuss your reporting requirements, along with how we will monitor the success of your campaign. 

Will you visit us face-to-face?

Absolutely. We believe it would be almost impossible to run these types of campaigns completely remotely. We usually see our clients at least monthly to update them on progress and results. 

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