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How we approach lead generation

How we approach lead generation starts the same way we approach any marketing campaign. We assess your goals and ideal customer profile. After that it’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Traffic Generation

In order for lead generation to work you’ll need the right visitors to your website. You could do this through paid ads, social media, SEO or a combination. The how will change from business to business but this is where most agencies stop. They get you traffic and after that you’re on your own.

2. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is getting the most out of the traffic you get to your website. Getting the right people to your website in the first place is hard, and expensive! So once they are there, let’s give them what they want instead of telling them what we want them to hear. This way they are far more likely to convert into either a sale or a lead. And you will get more out of your advertising spend!

To do this you’ll need to create bespoke landing pages that do more than just answer the questions your visitors have though. You’ll need to let them interact with you in the way they want, and, you’ll need to offer them multiple ways of doing it. That way you’ll capture customers who are ready to buy right now, and those who are nearly ready to buy. This way two things will happen, you’ll get more leads right now, and you’ll build up a bank of prospects that will be ready to buy in 3 – 6 months time.

Let’s look at a simple example a customer might have when choosing a wedding reception venue. Our customer is browsing venues late at night and finds one he really likes. He’s a typical consumer by today’s standards and as such, he is put off by having to ring the venue in the morning to book a visit. He tells himself he will and makes a mental note, but it doesn’t end up happening. So he continues on in his his search and finds another venue he likes. This venue’s website has an online visit booking system where he can choose a date/time to book his visit there and then. This is highly convenient and since he is a ready to buy customer, he books a visit there and then. This is a great example of basic conversion rate optimisation. But it only worked because he was ready to buy…

What if our customer wasn’t ready to buy? What if this time our venue hunter had just got engaged? She’s excited to start her venue hunt but isn’t ready to visit yet? She has no problem finding venues she loves which gives her confidence that when she is ready to visit, she’ll be able to find them again. But the reality is she never revisits any of the venues websites she found that first day she looked, even the one with the fancy booking system. She couldn’t remember them even if she tried and she moves on none the wiser.

But what if the one with the fancy booking system also had a handy guide called, “The ultimate guide to throwing a wedding your guests will never forget!”. That sounds perfect she thinks and in exchange for her email address she downloads the helpful guide and the venue can now stay in touch with her so that when the time is right she can book a visit. This is how conversion rate optimisation works along with a lead magnet.

3. Lead Nurturing

The final step, lead nurturing, is the process of helping your bank of nearly ready to buy prospects and gently guiding them back to your website when they are ready to buy. You do this by giving your nearly ready to buy visitors a way to interact with you without buying. This is done by giving them something that is high value, ideally something that they might have paid for, but it’s free. In the above example it was the handy guide. This is called a lead magnet and is one of the most powerful tools in marketing. Once they have your lead magnet and you have a way to keep in touch you can then start to build a relationship with that customer. Send them things that will help them and they will come back and convert into a paid customer when they are ready. And they’ll tell their friends how awesome you are to deal with.

This way you build up a bank of nearly ready to buy prospects that you already have a relationship with. Your prospects start to build a really positive impression of your business because you are helping them for free. You’re making their life easier. Instead of losing a prospect, you now have a hot lead.

How does lead generation automation work?


It’s quite simple once it’s set up. The first step, getting visitors to your website, is already automated to an extent. Typically we see clients use a combination of SEO and PPC to drive traffic to their landing pages.

Creating and optimising your landing pages means using analytics data to monitor conversion rates and make adjustments where necessary. This is a failsafe that will tell you if your lead magnet is right or not.

After absorbing the content on your landing page, visitors that are ready to buy will then book an appointment or buy your service there and then.

Visitors that are nearly ready to buy will download your lead magnet and enter your lead nurturing system. This will automatically send out high value, pre-written emails and will help make your prospect’s life easier and gently direct them back to your website to book or buy when they’re ready.

Once the process is in place all you have to do is handle your new leads in the exact same way you normally would. Except this time, they’ll be higher in volume and higher in quality!


This sounds expensive

Our fees for lead generation are very competitive. We will work on your SEO to generate traffic, the design work to create and optimise your landing pages, the creation of your lead magnet and the management and design of your email lead nurturing system. We offer excellent value for money as SEO alone from a top agency like us can often exceed this. 

Will I get enough traffic from SEO alone to get the leads I want?

We have achieved for our clients….

58 number 1 positions

312 1st page results

over 3500 improved rankings

So we are pretty confident, but the best way to tell is to test your site. Use our FREE website SEO analysis tool now to get your website health score. Anything in the 85% range is a great starting point. We’ll also give you your top 3 areas to improve your website health as well. Good technical website health is the foundation to SEO success.

Digital Mark

What our clients say

High-End Beauty Salon

Skin Secrets have been involved with Digital Mark for over a year now and I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure. They have delivered on all that was promised and more. They don’t just set things up and leave you, you are important to them, a rare thing now in business. They work hard to achieve results and stay in touch.
I can’t recommend these guys enough.

David Rhodes
Owner, Skin Secrets

Education: Private Tutor

Digital Mark have been exactly what I needed. I have gone from not ranking at all to being second on Google. Really great, professional service and nothing is ever too much. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Bullough
Owner, Lindley Tuition

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Digital Mark How much do I need to spend to increase my rankings?

Digital Mark Do I really need think about Bing and other search engines?

Digital Mark What keywords should I choose?

Digital Mark How many people search for what I do, local to me?

Digital Mark Shouldn’t I just pay for traffic through PPC?

Digital Mark How to create the perfect lead magnet?

We will answer any questions you have during this session so please ask away.

Within the first five minutes of the meeting, I knew that Mark knew exactly what he was talking about. I’ve spoken to several agencies and was unsure, with not being an expert myself, but it’s just obvious when you speak to him that he’s going to do a good job for you and he’s not just trying to sell you something.

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Web Design

Web Design

Your website is the beating heart of your online success. If it’s not built right, search engines won’t display it highly in search results. If it doesn’t look and feel right, your customers won’t transact or enquire. Striking this balance is both an art form and a science and this is where we can help.



PPC (Pay-per-click)

PPC works really well to support SEO campaigns by providing an immediate source of traffic, which is ideal during the early phases of any SEO campaign. It also provides the perfect testing platform for new keyword ideas to test on the open market.


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