Digital Mark is full marketing agency, which means we care about every aspect of your marketing and how to represent your company in the best way. A fundamental part of this is working with you on your ‘offer’ and optimising that as well as your website. Below you will find a guide to creating the perfect offer for your potential customers: giving them exactly what they want, which will undoubtedly explode your sales. 

You will be clear about what products or services your company offers to its customers but are you clear about how it offers them? 

If you are a firm of solicitors, a graphic design company or a florist, you will be passionate about the product you are selling, and you will want to sell as much of it as you can. 

Doing research like reading this article and lots of others is important when considering how best to market your product and your business. 

We say that a variety of approaches is best to achieve your marketing goals, which are likely to change over time. 

But let’s be honest, the overarching goal is always to make more money. That’s what we want for our business and we know that by delivering a good service, we can do that. That’s why we supercharge our SEO, because we want you to deliver your best too.

Before we can consider how to SEO your website, we need to think about the purpose of it and what it will say to the visitors who find it on Google. With our Supercharged SEO, it is a given that your website will rank on Google because we will optimise it in such a way that Google will give it authority and its algorithms will see it as being relevant to searchers. But what you put on there has to be ABSOLUTELY COMPELLING. You don’t want users to just visit your site more often. You want them to visit, stay and engage. You don’t want visitors to bounce back to Google, looking for something better. BE THE BEST that there is!

When we talk about your business “offer” we are not simply talking about giving a discount or having a sale. We are talking about the entire experience that you are offering to people. We believe that if you make the customer experience as optimal as you can then they will have no choice but to do business with you. 

WARNING: To embark on this journey, you need to be in the mindset to push boundaries and take risks that you might not have considered before. We realise this is a frightening prospect but with the year we have all just had, this might be just the perfect time to break that mould, stand out from the crowd and BEAT YOUR COMPETITORS!

With our Supercharged SEO, money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose, really?

There are several steps to creating an irresistible offer and we will share them with you below so you can start to think about which direction you want to go in. Of course we are always happy to help you with this, even if it’s just a couple of quick questions you have. This is our passion and we want to share it with you. Just book a free session with one of our team and we’ll answer them for you. 

STEP #1 


Firstly, think about yourself as a consumer and all the things that you demand from services when buying or booking. When we all search on the internet for things we need, what we are doing is trying to find solutions to our problems, whether that be a survey company because we’re moving house or a new gazebo for our garden. Therefore, we will inevitably be looking for the BEST solution to that problem. 

You need to be that for your potential customers. So create an offer that solves their problem in the best possible way and they will have no choice but to do business with you. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself: 

What would I want from this business? 

Don’t be shy in answering this question either!  

Once you have gone through this process, this will give you your ultimate and quite frankly, irresistible offer. Now write it down. 




Now you have this unbelievable offer written down, you will need to assign value to each part. Again, don’t be shy or sell yourself short. What is each aspect of your offer really worth to the customer? It really depends how big their problem is and how desperate they might be to solve it. This is why #1 is so important because you really have to understand the mindset of your target audience. 




Once you have assigned value to each part of your offer, you will have an overall price that you could ask your customers to pay you. Of course, some would pay that price, but relying on this will seriously limit your pool. 

Decide what you will offer your product or service for, that will make it profitable and feasible for your business to successfully deliver to the customer. It is important here not to over-compromise. You don’t want to leave yourself short of fulfilling the customer order or make it so that they have a poor experience with you. This will do nothing for the growth of your business, so be realistic in the price you offer. After all, wouldn’t we all be willing to pay more if we could guarantee other things that are important to us, such as speed of delivery or reliability. This brings me back to the most fundamental aspect of this process: be the customer before you can be the business. 




Next, you will need to think about what perks you will offer to the customer. What is it that sets you apart from others? Here is where you will need to check out the competition. Consider: is it worth going that extra mile to improve the experience of buying with your company? What is it that other businesses in your industry are not doing, or equally, what are they doing that isn’t ideal or desirable to your target audience? Read reviews and capitalise on what they say. Tell your audience that you are not like the others, you make sure that they get this extra and that extra. 

Proceed with caution. Telling your customers that you are “professional and friendly” or that you run a “family-orientated business” or that you are “fully insured” are not premiums. These are things that customers just expect as standard; they will not choose you just based on these things. 

However, if you offer free next-day delivery or a complimentary consultation or report, then they will choose you because these things are worth real value and also, they contribute to solving the customer’s problem




We all want what we can’t have don’t we? It motivates us. From the double Big Mac at McDonald’s to tickets to see Foo Fighters at Wembley. We don’t like the idea of being restricted or that things we want are at risk of selling out. 

So, use this to your advantage. Tell your customers that the offer is limited or that you only have so much capacity. This will motivate them to make a buying decision sooner. We all like to think we have the flexibility to put things off, but equally, when we are forced to proceed because something is scarce, it leaves us feeling triumphant. Look at Ebay’s model – customers bidding against each other for one item. The feeling when you win the auction is euphoric. Now, we can’t all auction off our products and services of course, but we can create a situation where they are highly sought-after. 

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition!




The final thought process is about reflecting on what you have offered so far and asking at this point:

What is going to stop somebody from doing business with me now?

This could be a number of things such as, it seems too good to be true or what if it doesn’t solve my problem?

This where you seek to reduce the risk for the customer and brings us back to you having passion for your product or service. If you believe in it and you want your business to grow and continue its success based on these products and services, then you need to carry some of the risk associated with doing business with you.

Realistically, if a customer is not happy with what they have bought, you are going to seek to solve this problem for them anyway. Things go wrong from time to time; we all accept that. And because we are reasonable people, we will replace or improve for free anyway, so that our customers walk away happy. It would only damage your business not to do so.

So, advertise this point to your audience. Tell them that if they are not satisfied, you will do everything you can to make sure they are. Give them a guarantee. Doing this will not mean that you will be giving money back or fixing problems more frequently, but it will mean that you can establish trust with your audience even before they become customers, and that is priceless.


Congratulations, you are ready.


We hope that you will now be able to create and implement your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER and watch your sales EXPLODE. 

For ANY help at all, get in touch with us. We’d love to be a part of this journey with you.

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