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Mark, our founder, is an SEO expert with over 10 years experience in digital marketing.

Digital Mark

My Vision for Digital Mark

I have been intrigued by the digital world since being a young child and started working in digital marketing in 2009. My Dad ran his own IT firm that focused around hardware and networks and I found it fascinating. I learnt so much that was really useful when it came to setting up Digital Mark. 

One thing really stuck with me. Due to him starting out with a very small team (and at one point, no team) he had to be able to do everything himself. This became the core of Digital Mark. When I set this agency up, it was on the premise that I would be able to do everything. Having worked for big agencies, one of the biggest challenges that I could see that gets in the way of success for clients is: too much specialisation.

One person for this, another for that, and so on and so on. The problem with this is communication. Especially with clients. If the technical SEO person can’t code, they can’t implement their own recommendations. They need either specialist dev support, the clients own webmaster or even worse, they outsource. And trust me this happens a lot! Not ideal. At Digital Mark, we wanted to be better, and we are. 

You can be sure that anyone who works for this agency knows what they are doing. You will know this for yourself, after they have explained your new digital strategy to you. 

I have worked with some fantastic businesses over the years and they all had one vital thing in common – they all made money! That’s what I want for you. 

I wish you every success on your journey with us.

Words of wisdom

Free stuff?

Did you know there’s a relationship between giving away free stuff and Google? It works like this, people visit websites that give away great free stuff more often than those that don’t. Google rewards this with higher rankings. I won’t go into the technical reasons here, but that’s one reason why I give away so much for free. It helps my rankings on Google. Another reason is that if you get some great advice from my website, you might tell your friend.

On that note, have you seen my DIY SEO top tips? But seriously, try giving away something that will really help your customers. Obviously the best way to do this would be something that’s low value to you and high value to them. Think about my SEO top tips…is somebody that wants to do DIY SEO really going to become a Digital Mark client? Maybe, but not for a while until they have tried it themselves. 

The Power of Transparent Pricing

Don’t you just hate it when you email or call a company to ask the most important question, “How much?” and they can’t/won’t tell you? We all hate it. That’s why Digital Mark prices are on our website. Don’t get me wrong, there are occasions when instant prices are not possible, it could be the same in your business. But we’ll get back to you quickly. Very quickly.

Fight the agency ‘safe zone’. Shop around.

On that note, agencies tend to get complacent when they think your campaign is ‘working’, even if it’s not perfect. Your account gets put in the ‘safe’ zone. I have seen this everywhere I have ever worked. You shouldn’t settle for it. Shop around. Yes I tell my customers to do this too. They’ve all read this page like you are now! Shop around, it really helps.   


SEO strategy
We help business grow

Whatever your business, it would be our pleasure to help you achieve your goals. Put me and my team to the test. There’s not a lot we can’t do. And if we can’t, we’ll tell you. We know through experience what’s possible and what’s not. Experience is only half the story though, for good measure, we use the best tools on the market. But just so you know, improvement is always possible. That could mean a higher return on your advertising spend, or opening up a new marketing channel. Either way, I have never seen perfection. But that won’t stop me trying to achieve it! 

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