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A supercharged digital marketing agency

Digital Mark is a specialist Digital Marketing Agency based in West Yorkshire. We provide digital marketing services including supercharged SEO, PPC and website design and building.

Our lead digital marketing expert is Mark, who has over 10 years’ experience in supporting businesses to grow and build their customer base. Mark understands every aspect of the business and knows that digital strategy never takes you down just one path.

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At Digital Mark, we pride ourselves on getting results and making it personal. You don’t want to have to ring a call centre when you want to make changes or you have questions. You don’t want to have to speak to four different people about your marketing. You don’t want to keep throwing money at a campaign if you’re not seeing any impact. You want access to your own personal strategist, straight away, who deals with everything. And that’s what you get with Digital Mark. That’s what sets us apart.

Marketing top tips

Marketing top tips from Digital Mark

Giving away freebies to potential customers.

Did you know there’s a relationship between giving away free stuff and Google? It works like this, people visit websites that give away great free stuff more often than those that don’t. Google rewards this with higher rankings. We won’t get too technical here, but that’s one reason why we give stuff away for free to our potential customers. It helps our rankings on Google. Another reason is that if you get some great advice from our website, you might tell your friend! Think about what you could offer your potential customers for free, to show them what kind of business you are before they buy. 

Be transparent with your pricing.

Don’t you just hate it when you email or call a company to ask the most important question, “How much?” and they can’t/won’t tell you? We all hate it. That’s why Digital Mark prices are on our website, alongside our offer. Don’t get me wrong, there are occasions when instant prices are not possible, it could be the same in your business. But we’ll get back to you quickly and we’ll be honest and clear about what it is you are paying for. This should be the same with your business. Being clear about how much you charge builds trust with your customers and this will strengthen your position. 


Book a FREE digital marketing strategy session, worth £500, where you will receive personalised advice about next steps for your business.

You will also get an SEO audit report to your inbox, worth £299, for free.

Click here to book your completely free session and get your marketing supercharged.

The all-important offer.

We’re not talking about a sale or a money-off voucher, we’re talking about what you sell… what is it you’re offering to your customers? Is it exactly what they want and does it offer them value? Competition is tough enough when it comes to Google rankings, but what about when visitors land on your page? Are they enticed enough by what they see? If not, then this should be your starting point as you will not see your sales grow without hitting the sweet spot when it comes to your offer.

Fight the agency ‘safe zone’. Shop around.

SEO or marketing agencies tend to get complacent when they think your campaign is ‘working’, even if it’s not perfect. Your account gets put in the ‘safe’ zone. I have seen this everywhere I have ever worked. You shouldn’t settle for it. Shop around. Yes I tell my customers to do this too. They’ve all read this page like you are now! There is always room for improvement and at Digital Mark we strive for perfection…even if we don’t always get there!

A personal note from us…

Whatever your business, it would be our pleasure to help you achieve your goals. You can be sure that anyone who works for Digital Mark knows what they are doing. You will find this out for yourself when you get in touch with us. We have worked with so many fantastic businesses over the years and they all had one thing in common: they all made more money! That’s what we want for you. We would love to help you make your digital mark and look forward to hearing from you. See our Supercharged SEO offer to find out how we could shape a new chapter for you and your business.   

We wish you every success on your journey with us.

The Digital Mark team.
Let Digital Mark help your business grow.


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